Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Guitar!

There was a great bargain on an electric guitar. It was just meant to be for us to come across it since we were not looking for it. We stumbled across it at a store today. Austyn had mentioned a couple of times that he wanted one. Kev wanted one as a child and never did get one so he was happy to get it when he saw the price. The guitar was about 75% off!! And we picked up a cheap amp and wires at Walmart. We used the strap from our Guitar Hero guitar. Austyn LOVES it!!

Here is a picture of him with his guitar tonight. It turns out that we read a book tonight about music and there was a CD in the back of the book to listen to the music. Austyn played his guitar while listening to the composition. The book is called "Pictures at an Exhibition by Anna Harwell Celenza". It's a true story about how some music came to be written in the 1870's in Russia. It's about three creative friends with big dreams. One of the men dies and one of them becomes depressed while the other collects all of the dead man's paintings together for a public exhibition. There is inspiration at the exhibition and the story continues from there. The book shows how an artist could be creating music but can see images in his head while doing it. The composer's name was Modest Mussorgsky and the piece is called "Pictures at an Exhibition".

It's funny how things just fall into place without intent. We end up getting a guitar and this story was the next one to read in our pile of books. It couldn't be better timing!

He approached me tonight to let me know that he loves his guitar better than anything he has (he reminded me that he loves me more). What a wonderful thing for him to have! I'm so happy that he loves it so!

“The guitar is a small orchestra. it is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice.” ~ Andre Segovia

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