Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology - All About Birds

Even just in our own backyard we had some great bird watching experiences last spring through fall. The image above was taken of a baby robin who lived in our backyard and let us get closer looks. I'm looking forward to getting more into watching the birds again this year. We didn't have many over the winter without a feeder, but hope to see more now that we can add a feeder again and maybe a birdhouse. 

Did you ever want to learn more about birds? Maybe the bird guide that you purchased at your local book store just isn't filling all of your needs for your homeschool? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds site has some great information including birding basics, information on different species, maps, news, bird sounds, video, and much more. I know, many of you may already use this site, but for some of us (myself included) this is a great find that I wasn't aware of before now. We will be using this site information, without a doubt.

I came across it after being directed to this site: For us this site doesn't make much sense. We aren't about to spend lots of money on a curriculum that my kids seem to young for, however there are some free resources and ideas on the Bird Sleuth Website. It's worth a mention here, especially if you are looking at a way of helping out with research and using their full curriculum for bird feeder watching.

"Rock'n Robin... Tweet, tweet, tweet" ~ me singing right now... LOL!

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