Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

The People Could Fly by Virginia Hamilton is a common folklore. There were many accounts of Africans and slaves who could fly. We've read a couple of stories similar to this one but we like the way this one is written the most. You can almost hear the sound of the person recounting what they witnessed while reading along. The story evoked hope in those who had no hope left. From suffering to magic power to freedom and hope. It's an inspirational story.  

"He raised his arms, holding them out to her. "Kum... yali, kum buba tambe," and more magic words, and so quickly, they sounded like whispers and sighs. 

The young woman lifted one foot on the air. Then the other. She flew clumsily at first, with the child now held tightly in her arms. Then she felt the magic, the African mystery. Say she rose just as free as a bird. As light as a feather."

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~Leslie said...

We've enjoyed this one, too!


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