Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time to organize again.

Things have gotten a bit out of hand here. We are just so busy and now I feel like I'm recovering nicely from Holiday burnout. So, I've told myself that I've got to get my act together. Don't get me wrong. We are doing a lot here in our home, but I've got to start purging our things again and do more with our homeschooling.

I had (what looked like a mess), in our basement, boxes all organized and set out to be given away or sold of things we don't use or need. It's not like that anymore! Over Christmas we had some helpers, and apparently my hubby as well, who got in there and everything I spent DAYS sorting is now piled up again in the roughed in bathroom. I guess I need to resort it AGAIN. Bless their hearts for helping us in other ways and doing their best.

I'm not good at finding buyers for things. I just find it a frustrating process and time consuming. Things sit and get messed up again for me to sort again. It is frustrating. So, I think I'll just give it all away and take my losses. We need the money, but not as badly as before. So, I feel more comfortable passing things out to those who need it. Some larger items I'll sell.

I am making a list this morning of everything I'd like to accomplish and I'm going to get the kids involved. They will also be going through their toys again. After Christmas it feels like we need it even though they really didn't get a lot of large items. We just have so many things that it would be nice to minimize stuff and maximize space again.

I am not sure how I'll do it but I need my hubby to get rid of the clothes he doesn't wear so I can fit blankets in that closet, but he never seems to find the time to do it. Hmmm... I wonder if I pull everything out and try to do some of it myself if he could just confirm for me. Maybe that would help, because we really need to address that issue. I mean... he has way more clothes than I have and wears only a few.

I think that when we are home most of our time homeschooling that organizing our home seems to be something that has to happen many times a year. This has been my experience so far. Well, here I go again. I must not be good at this since I keep having to do everything over and over again. It does appear to me, however, that our house is more orderly than a year earlier, so I guess I'm getting somewhere.

“Organize your life around your dreams - and watch them come true.” ~ Unknown


~Leslie said...

Yeah. I know how you feel about having to organize and reorganize several times a year. I agree with you that it may be because we're at home--with it! ;-)

My suggestion for you hubby's things: pull everything out only put in what he currently wears. Box/bag up the rest for him to go through. I did this with mine (as he too has WAY more clothes than I do) and we finally when through his boxes we found that he was ready to give them all away--and they were already packed up to go! ;-)

Perhaps that may work for you all as well!

happy organizing. i'm doing the same thing too!

Anonymous said...

I always make use of our breaks by organizing and re-organizing. Everything definitely gets chaotic after a while!

Right now, I also need to tackle my husband's clothes... He has a zillion t-shirts.


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