Monday, January 4, 2010

Reading My Library

Reading My Library

We have entered another challenge. This one can overlap some others. We are going to read our library. We are to go through the children's section of our local library and select books starting with the "A" authors and make our way through them all. Our librarians already think we are nuts, I'm sure, with the amount of books we take home and read. We are in two other challenges. One is 100 books a month (click on the logo on the left side bar for more information or to join in) and Book Sharing Monday (also found on the left side bar) It's going to be strange for the librarians to have whole sections of the shelves empty at one time. LOL! I can't help it... I'm laughing just thinking about it. And what a great way to find some really great books that we'd normally never read. 

Now I'm not sure what we'll do when they transfer to the new location. It may affect us for a week or two. I guess we'll deal with that when it comes. But in the mean time this is going to be fun! Join us?! Click on the logo above to learn more.


Alex said...

YEAH! This will be fun to be doing the same challenges!
I think that the librarians are happy to see the books being read, I know they are at this branch. There wasn't a whole lot of books in the "A" section here, but I still was able to get about 12 books. I couldn't help being picky a little bit still LOL!

Rana said...

We started this challenge this month too. Is it possible to go to other libraries in the area? Being in the city we have many libraries to choose from.


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