Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

With Unschooling I think it's good that we have books that incorporate some important subjects. My kids love reading so when they don't want to do lessons we can learn math through this collection of books that we have. I learned of them through a local homeschool forum and knew from the start that they were perfect for our family. I purchased the whole first level right away. For Christmas the kids got the second level (or most of them) from their Grandma. These books are great and have activities you can do at the end re-enforcing the concepts.

The name of the series is "Math Start" and they are written by "Stuart Murphy". Here is his website:

This book is a favourite for us. It is called "Bug Dance by Stuart J. Murphy". It is about a centipede who is in gym class learning how to dance. He messes up and the other bugs in the class share comments about him dancing. The Caterpillar Coach keeps going over the steps until they get it. The dance sounds fun and there are activities at the end that re-enforce directions. They can make their own dance, draw a map to the park, and play Simon Says saying the directions in the movements.  They also have a short list of other books that share the same math concept.


Rana said...

These books sound great. I just popped over to the website. Can you get these books at the library too?

Alex said...

We read that one this summer with Celeste! She loved it, and danced around doing the Bug dance :)
That series is great, very nice to have.


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