Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Math Attack! by Joan Horton is a book that Austyn requests to read. He really enjoys this one. We've been hogging it at our library. It's about a little girl in school who gets asked a math question by the teacher and the numbers get so jumbled up that it causes number chaos in the town. Here is how the book starts and from there the problem just gets worse and worse every time someone asks her the math question.

It was Monday at school and our teacher, Miss Glass,
Announced, "Now it's time for arithmetic, class.
Can somebody tell me what's seven times ten?"
She was looking at me when she said it again.

I was thinking so hard allmy circuits were loaded.
Then all of a sudden, my brain just exploded.
And numbers flew out of my head by the score.
They stuck to the seiling; they bounced off the floor!

Kids in the classroom dived under their chairs.
Some pushed through the hall and flew down the stairs.
"Enough," yelled Miss Glass. "You're disrupting the class."
She ducked as more numbers went whizzing on past.

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Anonymous said...

Oh good, another book to add to my list of things to look for next time I visit the library!


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