Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Little Star!

Here she is singing again. She makes up her own words and most of the time what she sings rhymes. One of these days I'm going to capture a song on video/tape or on paper. There are no batteries in this mic/recorder.

She changes her clothes numerous times a day. Some days it drives us BATTY! But this is how she is. She loves to dress up and create her own trends. Sometimes she decorates her outfits with things I'd never think of. Here she only has one glove on (I don't think she has really heard of Micheal Jackson) and she has some tinsel hanging out of her head band. She also has a bathing suit on. She has changed many times already. Laundry is crazy around our house.

Gertrude Temple`s advice to her daughter before each scene: "Sparkle, Shirley, sparkle!"

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