Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Holidays Wrapping Up

We had some good days for our holidays. Here are some pictures.

  Every Christmas Eve we open one gift before anyone shows up. This is their Christmas Eve Gift. Only they did it this year. My hubby and I didn't purchase gifts for each other (cut backs... LOL!)

We were excited to have Grandparents (including my Dad, which makes me feel so happy) stay over for Christmas Morning. It made the tree look like it was overflowing with gifts. The great thing about this year is that many of the gifts were clothes or educational.

After opening gifts Zoe played dress up over and over and over...

After opening gifts Austyn got to work building and Grandpa helped! What a great time they had together!

After our Christmas at home we visit with relatives and have more fun. Here the kids are dressing up and playing with their cousins.

New Years Eve is tonight. I guess this finishes off the holidays for us. It looks as though we'll just be home working on our business and spending time together.

"Happy New Year To All My Fellow Bloggers!" ~ Me


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