Monday, December 21, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

I'm a bit late... It was a busy day away from home. I hope you like it. I wanted to post this one a couple of weeks ago but lost it. So I prepared a different book but decided last minute to do this one since I now know where it is.


Are You Grumpy Santa? by Gregg and Evan Spiridellis is a book that we read in our home all year long. Our regular books are either better read by Daddy or Mommy and in this case Daddy is the winner. He reads this one well! The first time I read it, I knew my hubby would love to read this book. So much so that it almost brought tears to my eyes. It's such a cute story about Santa having a bad day and he becomes so grumpy (just like my hubby does... it's so cute sometimes... LOL). I think the first page of the book describes the story well.

"We all know Santa's jolly,
but there's something else worth knowing.
There are times when even Santa doesn't feel like HO-HO-HO-ing!
If you've never heard this story,
you might be quite surprised.
It's about a grumpy Santa who became un-GRUMP-ified."



Anonymous said...

Uh oh, not a grumpy Santa! LOL

Alex said...

that story sounds really cute!!


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