Saturday, November 28, 2009

Transportation Co-Op - Air Travel

This Co-Op was on Air Travel. There were stations set up. We read a story about the Wright Brothers, experimented with making Paper Airplanes, labeled the parts of an airplane and a spaceship, and conducted an experiment with an egg.

The egg experiment seemed to be the most fun. It started out with the kids coming up with ways to protect the egg so that when it dropped it would be safe (like it had a safety helmet on). We started with some string, tape, toilet paper, egg cartons and eggs. It evolved into using Styrofoam cups, whole cartons, boxes, and whatever else they could come up with to protect their eggs. There were parachutes that were square, circular, the whole bag intact, long strings, short strings, no strings etc... And they decided that instead of just throwing them up to have them come back down we could hurl them out the window from the second story (I had to move my vehicle). LOL!!! Some broke and some stayed in one piece. When they were done with the egg experiment the kids got to eat the egg (hard boiled).

"Children are one-third of our population and all of our future"~ Unknown

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