Saturday, November 28, 2009

Isn't it funny...

... how you start out with one activity and it just keeps transforming into something new over and over and over again.

I start out with doing math with Austyn and then here he starts to go a creative route.

Here Zoe joins in after seeing that Austyn is being creative and she can't resist her creative tendencies.

Then Zoe wanted to try the other Geo Board we had and decided she wanted to flip it over and make patterns.

When Zoe decided she didn't want the other blue Geo Board, Austyn put it to use and learned that when elastics went across both, eventually they would lift one board.

Then he decided that he could make a picture larger than one board and extend it over both boards as needed.

When Zoe saw what Austyn was doing she wanted to join in. At first he wasn't sure he wanted to share and then he changed his mind. He added to his and she used the other side to make a design of her own with his.

Zoe wandered off to colour because she finally lost interest and Austyn noticed that when he pulled her elastics off they shot across the room. So he decided he'd make an elastic gun with the Geo Board. He set it up on the floor pointing to a box so that he could hear it hit the box and the elastics would bounce to the floor in front of the box and he wouldn't lose all of them.

He tried to maximize the use of the Geo Bord Elastic Gun by putting many elastics overlapping each other on each row of pegs. He learned that although it was a good thought, it didn't work well since the elastics were getting caught on each other and wouldn't shoot.

Seeing his interest and remembering my own childhood, I hesitated, but decided that I would offer to help him make an elastic gun just like the one I had as a kid.

This is the target area I made up for him.

I was leery about making him an elastic gun because of safety fears.
Here are our rules with the gun:
1. It is up, out of reach when not in use and unloaded
2. Zoe can't use it under any circumstances (she is just too young)
3. It is used with Adult supervision at all times and he needs to listen when using it or it will be put up
4. It needs to be used only where we set up a designated target area.

Phew!! I hate these kinds of things, but he is so interested in this kind of thing and with proper supervision I guess it's really harmless.

Isn't it amazing how one activity can just keep transforming and eventually ends up to be something totally different. If I just posted the last couple of photos you wouldn't see how a child can use his/her creativity to go from one idea and take that to a whole new level.

"Every child born, has innate goodness."~ Chinese Proverb

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