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100 Books-A-Month Challenge

I had this typed up in the beginning of the month as just a book list but during the month we signed up for 100 books-a-month challenge. I have recorded most of the books we've read. I know I've missed some (believe it or not... LOL) and I indicated when I remembered that we read a book more than once. Or if it is a book we finished or started I put how many chapters were during this month. I think I read that I'm suppose to count each time read as a book and each chapter. On here I just numbered the books but you can find the totals at the bottom. As I read more (since it isn't the end of the month yet) I'll add them to the bottom of the list, which is set up alphabetical. The books that we read from here on won't be in order.

I have decided I'd keep track of the Children's books we read each month. This is something I've never done before. I figured this would be a good time to start to keep track. Why not do it here?! I will try and update it daily. This list is from the month of November. I'm sure we are missing some. This list also excludes any books read to the kids from Story Time at the Library. It also doesn't include any of the reading done from our history, art or language books.  Some reference books we only read interesting parts and leave the rest or we may have started the book this month but it isn't finished. If any reference books are interesting I may add them to the end but we may not have read the whole book. If I put it in this colour it means we don't own it and it's worthy of our wishlist. If we read it more than once or if I could specify chapters read I put it in this colour.

Children's Books: 
1. A Beautiful Girl by Amy Schwartz
2. Alice and Greta by Steven J. Simmons
3. Alice the Fairy by David Shannon
4. All Aboard! A Traveling Alphabet by Bill Mayer
5. Amelia Makes a Movie by David Milgrim
6. Angels watching over Me by Julia Durango
7. An Orange in January by Dianna Huts Aston
8. Ant, Ant, Ant! (An Insect Chant) by April Pulley Sayre
9. Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman
10. As Luck Would Have It by Robert D. San Souci
11. Baby Happy Baby Sad by Leslie Patricelli - 3 times
12. Ballerina Dreams by Lauren Thompson
13. Big Dog Little Dog by P.D. Eastman
14. Big Little Otter by Lillian Hoban
15. Big Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup
16. Bill and Pete to the Rescue by Tomie DePaola
17. Billy and Milly Short and Silly by Eve B. Feldman
18. Bird, Bird, Bird! (A Chirping Chant) by April Pulley Sayre
19. Boats Speeding! Sailing! Cruising! by Patricia Hubbell
20. Bone Soup by Cambria Evans
21. Bunnies on the Go by Rick Walton
22. Casting the Gods Adrift by Geraldine McCaughrean - 7 chapters
23. Celestine Drama Queen by Penny Ives
24. Chugga Chugga Choo-choo by Kevin Lewis
25. Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg
26. Curious George and the Dump Truck by Margret and H.A. Rey's
27. David by Bible Pop-up
28. Dog's Colourful Day by Emma Dodd - 5 times
29. Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts? by Jane Kurtz
30. Down on the Farm by Marrily Kutner
31. Fancy Nancy Bonjour, Butterfly by Jane O'Connor
32. Ferryboat Ride! by Anne Rockwell
33. Flora's Blanket by Debi Gliori
34. Freight Train by Donald Crews - 3 times
35. Get Busy Beaver by Carolyn Crimi
36. Gods and Godesses of Ancient Egypt by Janeen R. Adil
37. Gone with the Wand by Margie Palatini
38. Hello, Sun! by Dayle Ann Dodds - 2 times
39. Hickory Dickory Dock My First Clock by Robyn Bryant
40. Hieroglyphs by Kremena Spengler
41. How People Learned to Fly by Fran Hodgkins
42. If you were a Noun by Michael Dahl
43. I Knew You Could! by Craig Dorfman
44. I Love Planes! by Philemon Sturges
45. Insect Soup by Barry Louis Polisar
46. It's a Baby Meerkat by Kelly Doudna
47. Jesus by Bible Pop-up
48. Jonah by Bible Pop-up
49. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert - 2 times
50. Let's Go for a Ride by  Maxwell Newhouse
51. Mary Had a Little Lamb by Mary Ann Hoberman and Nadine Bernard Westcott - 2 times
52. Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose by Leo and Diane Dillon - 2 times
53. My Dinosaur by Mark Alan Weatherby
54. My Freight Train by Micheal Rex - 2 times 
55. My Plane Book by Ellen Kirk
56. Mysterious Monsters by John Townsend
57. Noah by Bible Pop-up
58. Oak Tree by Gordon Morrison
59. On the Road by Wade Cooper
60. Oú est ma poupée? by Les tout-doux Usborne - 2 times 
61. Over in the Meadow by Jan Thornhill - 2 times

62. Owls by Gail Gibbons
63. Pinata! by Rebecca Emberley
64. Poppy Day by Rosemary Moore
65. Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton
66. Rabbit and Squirrel A Tale of War and Peas by Kara LaReau
67. Ribbon Rescue by Robert Muncsch
68. Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter by Diane Stanley
69. Sail Away, Little Boat by Janet Buell
70. Sailing off to Sleep by Linda Ashman
71. Ships by Mighty Machines
72. Silly Sally by Audrey Wood
73. Sleep Tight Ginger Kitten by Catherine Walters
74. Snog The Frog by Tony Bonning
75. Ten Apples Up On Top! by Theo. LeSieg
76. The Airplane Ride by Howard White
77. The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book by Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels
78. The Birthday Tree by Ethel Collier
79. The Boy Who Drew Cats by Margaret Hodges
80. The Caboose Who Got Loose by Bill Peet - 2 times 
81. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis - 14 chapters
82. The Dream Tree by Winfried Wolf  - 2 times
83. The Ferryboat Ride by Robert Perry
84. The Fire Station by B.A. Hoena
85. The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson - 2 times
86. The Midnight Unicorn by  Neil Reed
87. The Mightiest by Keiko Kasza
88. The Night Eater by Ana Juan
89. The Princess and the Pea by Suçie Stevenson
90. The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
91. The Sense of Touch by Mari Schuh

92. The Tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter
93. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
94. The Tooth Book by Theo. LeSieg
95. Things with Wings by The Nature Company
96. Tiger, Tiger by Dee Lillegard and Susan Guevara - 2 times
97. Too Many Toys by David Shannon
98. Top 10 Dogs for Kids by Ann Grahm Gaines
99. Toy Boat by Randall de Séve and Loren Long
100. Trains Steaming! Pulling! Huffing! by Patricia Hubbell
101. Tugga-Tugga Tugboat  by Kevin Lewis
102. Tyson the Terrible by Diane and Christyan Fox
103. Wacky Wednesday by Theo. LeSieg
104. We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Playmore Waldman
105. What's so bad about Gasoline? by Anne Rockwell
106. What time is it Mr. Crocodile? by Judy Sierra
107. When Royals Wore Ruffles by Chesley McLaren and Pamela Jaber
108. Where do Chicks Come From? by Amy E. Sklansky
109. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? by Lauren Child - 2 times
110. Who's Chick are You? by Nancy Tafuri
111. Mee-An and the Magic Serpent by Baba Wagué Diakité
112. Wild Tracks! by Jim Arnosky
113. The Sea Chest by Toni Buzzeo
114. The Flyer Flew by Hill, Lee Sullivan
115. Your Body Battles a Cold by Vicki Cobb
116. The Squirrel Wife by Philippa Pearce
117. Dreams Under the Sea by K. Emily Hutta
118. The Princess and the Frog retold by Vera Southgate
119. Christmas Mice by Richard Scarry
120. The Mitten by Jan Brett
121. I Love You Too! by Eve Bunting
122. Pots and Pans by Ann Rockwell
123. Rabbit's Woolly Jumper by Mark Birchall
124. Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner
125. The Fantastic Flight of the Silver Dart by Linda Brand
126. Cars by Nancy Smiler Levinson
127. Leatherback Turtle by Kersten Hall
128. mimi cracra l'imagier by Abés Rosenstiehl
129. My Friend, the Starfinder by George Ella Lyon
130. Ella Fitzgerald by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney
131. Jack and the Beanstalk by E. Nesbit
132. When Stella was Very, Very Small by Marie Louise Gay
133. ABC Dentist by Harriet Ziefert

Reference books:
Animal Planet Bugs as Pets by Jay F. Hemdal
Highest Longest Deepest by John Malam
Across the Wide Ocean by Karen Romano Young
Keeping Unusual Pets - Rats by June McNicholas
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg by Gail Carson Levine - 12 chapters

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - 5 chapters
The Magic Book by Jane Bull
Thirty Stories Retold by James Baldwin - 2 chapters  
Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall -1 chapter
Home on the Moon by Marianne J. Dyson
Super-Size Bugs by Andrew Davies - 11 pages 
Insect Facts and Folklore by L. Patricia Kite


Books finished this month: 133
Book count including extra times read and chapters: 192

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Alex said...

YEAH!!! congrats on well over 100 books read this month, what a great start!!


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