Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy in the Basement!

One of my excuses for not keeping up with many of the things around the house including our blog is that I've been busy going through the piled up boxes in the basement that we just never unpack. Anyone who has small children at home with them all day long knows what I mean when I say, "This isn't easy!!" I moved most of the kids toys, all of their crafts and all of their books to the basement. We couldn't sell our old beat up table so I put it to good use in a framed in school room.  I think I just had enough of the clutter of books and things all over our house and not being able to walk. Now that I think of it; my hubby hasn't complained much lately either. Most of the toys got sorted and put into bins (the bin system is working out wonderfully) and the toys they grew out of are in a corner to sell. I am still not completely done, but the main part of it is complete and we can at least use that area of the house now. Here are some pictures of activities the kids did while I was hard at work. They coloured a printer box to be their house and made designs and letters on the floor with a mop. What a great way to get them to help! Creative... wouldn't you say?! LOL!!

I always end my posts with a quote but I can't find the one I want to put here! It is a quote by Deepak Chopra, in his book about the seven spiritual laws for parents. Basically he says to find a game in every chore the kids have. One example he gave was to play a game where one child pretends to be a ghost and tries to hide in every corner of the room and the other child tries to chase the ghost with the vacuum. I just returned this book to the library. Oh well. Shrug.

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