Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Old Village

Later in the year we are taking Pioneers with our homeschool group. At the Transporation Museum we walked through an old village with homes of different times and buildings from earlier days in our area. There was a school house, a general store, a police station, a train station, a barber shop, a doctor's office, and old homes dating back as far as 1820's. Did you know that in the school house there was only one teacher and 50 kids of different grades from K - Gr 8. The doors were shut that day and there were no tours. So we had fun running around between the buildings and peeking in all of the windows.

“My walls outside must have some flowers,
My walls within must have some books;
A house that's small; a garden large,
And in it leavy nooks.”, William Henry Davies

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