Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drag Racing Educational?

Well, I was a skeptic. I mean... REALLY... how could watching cars race down a track so loud it hurts be educational at all? Well, surprisingly anything... YES ANYTHING... can be educational. Even Drag Racing!! Ausytn has learned about classifying groups, sorting, speed, time, weather conditions, direction, auto mechanics, sound, physics, history, and has met so many different kinds of people from young junior drivers all the way up to Professional Alcohol Funny Car Drivers and even media people. I can see how both of our kids have benefited from going to the races. And when they try out racing at the age of eight they will learn courage, team work, competition, control, and much more.

There are so many kinds of vehicles at the races and Austyn is not afraid to get right in there and check every little part of every vehicle out. He goes home and recreates what he sees on his bike or other toys he has. He is not afraid to approach a crew member and ask questions about the car or the driver or about anything at all.

He asked a very good question about this Jet Bike. "When the parachutes come out doesn't the driver fly off?" What we learned was that there is a long strip of Velcro along the top of the bike that is contoured to the driver's body, all the way from his upper chest all the way around to his lower back, and he is velcroed to the seat so that he doesn't fly off at such high speeds.

My neighbour told me that Austyn is such a good sport and when I asked why, she said that when her son and him race her son always wins and Austyn is never upset. He just says that it's okay because he'll keep practicing and one day he'll win. He also said that his Dad has a slow car and he won, so he can do the same". I was so touched.

“You win with heart” John Force

(OMG!! I always tell Kev to drive with his heart not his mind!!! What a perfect quote!!!)

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