Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Story + Art = StArt... My Pirate Papa

We enjoyed I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck.

We also listened to this CD while the kids worked away.

 We picked up a pirate ship craft from the dollar store.

 The kids made their ship as a gift to Daddy. Here is Zoe's ship. She included some custom pieces on it from our own craft supplies. She also made other gifts for Daddy and left them all on his computer chair for him to find when he got home.

This is Austyn's ship. He had me help him with some of it, but did a great job of assembling it.

Join in the fun at  A Mommy's Adventures: stART.

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RedTedArt said...

Oh my what a FABULOUS looking boat! I love your book selection and i ADORE your craft! Wonderful!

Would love for you to stop by at Kids Get Crafty and join in? It is every Wednesday and link stays open a week:

thank you & have a great weekend!



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