Monday, February 15, 2010

We're Back!

We are back from vacation. The weather was not very warm most of the time, but we enjoyed ourselves. I think that being home much of the time with homeschooling and working, we needed to be somewhere else for a little while. It was nice. We want to go back. The kids didn't want to come home. Who knows... maybe someday we'll stay there or become part time road-schoolers...

 The interesting thing about doing less work (business) we had more time together and I think the kids learned so much. I can really see how unschooling is so beneficial and how it is so important to be available as much as possible. 

One thing we are now behind on is reading. We didn't do much of that. Well... I did, but they didn't.  Since we've been back they have asked me to read at least four times. LOL!!

 I almost forgot to mention that I'll be adding some posts on things we learned or experienced on our journey. I just need to get some more work done right now and when I get a chance I'll get caught up. Our last day was the most exciting with regard to learning. We will need to return and explore deeper at that location, but in the mean time I've ordered library books and printed off a free lap book. Don't worry. I'll share.   :) 

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~ unknown

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