Monday, February 15, 2010

Nature on a Florida Resort!

 These baby ducks were a delight to have around. They were tame and would chase us when we walked near. When we first arrived we counted nine but by the time we left there were only four left. One older couple who fed them every morning said that when they first arrived there were twelve ducklings but they think that the turtles eat them. 

Every year we feed the ducks on our resort. Above are the ducks marching in a row to get us to feed them. I thought that they walk so funny. They really look like they are on a mission. LOL!

This bird liked to purch on the Canadian Geese decoys. 

There were many different birds here. I didn't capture all of them on film. We saw some large ones that even reminded us of ostriches just outside the gates of our resort. There was also one duck that looked more closely related to a loon and would dive under the water for minutes at a time and a timid duck with a fan of feathers on it's head. 

Many of the trees were almost bare (likely the time of year) and most of them had these plants growing off them. 

The flowers were coming out on the bushes. They didn't seem affected by the cold weather.

Austyn wanted me to capture this cloud. It looked looked a skeleton.  

We had a tornado warning where we were but you wouldn't have known it. The torrential rains of Florida seem normal and apparently tornadoes can approach quickly and with little notice.  I was on the balcony reading, relaxing, and listening to the rain. I was completely unaware of the possibility of a tornado. 

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” ~ Walt Disney

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