Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Nature Walk!


We went for a family walk by our house on the weekend. It was a beautiful day and the snow wasn't gone yet.  The purpose of the walk was to get out, have fun and to look for cat tails and observe winter trees.

We found no cat tails near our house. NONE! So we didn't observe them. There were many other things to look at though.

This is a picture of a hole that houses a small rodent... maybe a mouse? Look at all the tracks and seed shells littering the ground around the hole. And the picture below is near the hole. There are dried plants with seeds hanging that this little guy is enjoying when he can.

Men and boys, generally speaking, naturally end up not being able to help themselves when in the wilderness. They tend to be just a bit louder than girls. They walk a bit stronger. They break sticks and throw rocks and here is my hubby hanging from an old dead tree fallen through other trees. He is bouncing up and down on the ground... men... I'm rolling my eyes but giggling at the same time. LOL!

“Look round and round upon this bare bleak plain, and see even here, upon a winter's day, how beautiful the shadows are! Alas! it is the nature of their kind to be so.” ~ Charles Dickens


Alex said...

We love going for family nature walks!

Anonymous said...

I miss nature walks. All the nature here is faaar away, so we save the walks for warmer days (because we have chosen not to own a car here).

That looks like such a fun walk and so many interesting things to see!


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