Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Growing Green Kids

Every once and a while I research different books on different subjects. I've been doing this more the past couple of months because we've changed direction in the way we homeschool. I'm looking for alternatives to the traditional (sit down) school work scenario. Here are a couple of books I found with fun activities for bringing up kids who are aware of the environment. I borrowed them both from the library but I now want them to keep here at home.


The first one is "Grow Your Own Tree Hugger by Wendy Rosenoff". It is a book full of activities to do with great photography illustrating each activity. Here is the chapter break-down.

Section 1: The Lab Report - Science Projects
Chapter 1: Chemical-Free Zone
Chapter 2: Grow Organic and Eat Local
Chapter 3: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Chapter 4: Alternative Energy
Chatper 5: Save our Natural Resources
Chapter 6: Endangered Species
Chapter 7: Sustainable Living
Section 2: The Kitchen Sink - Food Projects
Chapter 8: Chemical-Free Zone
Chapter 9: Grow Organic and Eat Local
Chapter 10: Fair Trade
Chapter 11: Alternative Energy
Chapter 12: Save our Natural Resources
Chapter 13: Endangered Species
Chapter 14: Sustainable Living
Section 3: The Studio Gallery - Craft Projects
Chapter 15: Chemical-Free Zone
Chapter 16: Grow Organic and Eat Local
Chapter 17: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Chapter 18: Alternative Energy
Chapter 19: Save Our Natural Resources
Chapter 20:  Sustainable Living

Here is the other book: "i love dirt! 52 activities to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature, by Jennifer Ward". This book is full of activities to do outside, in nature. The sections are set up by seasons. This one seems more appropriate for my kids. The activities seem like they are meant for younger children or at least activities that could be shared with different ages at once. They are all fun activities but with underlying lessons. This book is set up in a smaller version that could be brought into the trees easier than a larger book.

Both books were great finds. Each one had a purpose and I believe they are both worthy of being on the bookshelf of our home library.

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~Leslie said...

I really like "I Love Dirt!" We've done a few things out of that book.

The first book sounds right up my alley as well. Thanks so much for sharing! ;-)


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