Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

Too Many Toys by David Shannon
is a book that I picked out at the library for Austyn when he was too sick to come with us. It was PERFECT because I say we have too many toys ALL THE TIME. As anyone who has been to our house knows... WE HAVE ALOT OF TOYS! LOL!! When Austyn saw this book I had him read the cover and once he realized what the title was, he looked at me with a funny look and started to laugh. In fact I think this is the first book he actually sat down and looked at without me there. He went right away to the couch with this book and flipped through the pages all on his own. For this reason, I think this book bumps ahead of the others I had on my list of books to share.

It's a well illustrated story about the struggle between a child and his mother about the amount of toys they have. At the end there is a cute twist.

I hope you like this book. We loved it and it's now on our wish list.


NOBIAH said...

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Rana said...

This book sounds like I need to read to my kids. I am going to look for it at our library.

Thanks for following my blog. Happy reading!


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